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Gersemi Show Jacket

Price: $150
Size: 40 (EUR), 12R (USA)
Colour: Brown
Description: This beautiful jacket features a tone-on-tone ultrasuede collar, and lovely gold buttons. It has served HL well, but there simply aren’t enough days at the show to wear all the coats! Snatch this up, you’ll love her!
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Spooks Vest

Price: $65
Size: Small
Colour: Red
Description: Lovely red vest, no damage, very clean! Funky plaid lining in the hood (by the way, it has a hood). Form fitting (read: FLATTERING!). This may just make you ride better.
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GPA Show Shirt

Size: Large
Colour: Brown/white
Description: Beautiful embroidered GPA show shirt with low-profile collar. Looks beautiful under your jacket or alone!
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Mountain Horse Winter Bomber

Size: Small
Colour: Orange
Description: Super duper warm winter bomber style jacket, with removable fur hood (and the whole hood is removeable!). Many pockets to lose your gloves in. 😉
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Juicy Couture Sweater

Size: Large
Colour: Green
Description: This shirt’s lucky, ‘cause it’s four leaf clover green. So, we know Juicy isn’t really an equestrian brand (… like at all) but this is a lovely horse show sweater, we promise! 100% Cashmere! Have a Juicy Day. Xoxo
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Sold! Joules Vest


SOLD! Thanks, Babe.😘

Sold! Ogilvy Half Pad Covers

SOLD Ogilvy
SOLD! Thanks, Babe.😘

Sold! Black Knight Rider Wristlet


SOLD! Thanks, Babe.

*Special shout out to our girl Tammy for modeling these beauties.