Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping. (E. 4)

They say money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you stuff and that’s pretty much the same thing.



Riki recently purchased these from Halter Ego and was surprised at how quickly they came. They are super comfortable, great for those who prefer a higher rise but may need extra room for the booty. If you follow the size chart to find your size you’re golden. The details are beautiful and great quality for a great price point.





Not only does this backpack look great but it’s also super practical. Made of durable 600 denier canvas it’s heavy duty and water resistant. They really thought of everything including a vented helmet compartment, a fleece lined pocket for sunglasses or cell phones, and stretch pockets for whip/crops. H picked one of these bad boys up and can’t wait to stash all of her ringside goodies (let’s be honest there may be a bottle of wine in there) in it at the next horse show. PS Noble has a full line of matching luggage available, H also has the 6.3 liter duffel #matchinggoals





Every single one of us wants, needs, gotta have this shirt… Too many great features to list including a surprisingly slim cut (tbh who doesn’t want/need that?!), quick dry fabric (because I’m not sweaty, you’re sweaty!), and beautiful colours to choose from… did you know that #OnWednesdaysWeWearPink Considering how fabulous this shirt is, it’s still machine wash and wear with little to no ironing needed, cause who has time for that?






Obviously we are obsessed with these unicorn earrings, because unicorns. Not only does Dogwood Bling make the most beautiful and yummy treats for horses AND dogs but she also has been getting the most fun accessories to boot. These stud earrings are 18k gold plated with a high-polish finish and secure friction back clasps.






These breeches are Black Heart’s answer to Lululemon! These beauties will make people want to “touch the heinie!” with a super flattering cut and signature heart details. These are definitely next on the Mane Girls shopping list. Black Heart also has a line of base layers, with a great UPF rating, great for riding or the gym.





Until next time babes!


Ice, Ice Baby (#TipTuesday v.2)

Yo VIP, let’s kick it!

Sadly, this blog post is not about early nineties hip-hop (too bad because that is one of my favorite jams!)

This blog post is about the many benefits of ice (or cold) therapy for your beloved unicorn’s legs.

As the old saying goes “no hoof, no horse” it should really be more like “no leg, no horse”, since all our riding endeavours hinge upon our horses being sound and comfortable.  Whether you are show jumping, doing dressage or pleasure riding injuries can happen at any time.

The goal with using cold therapy is the reduce inflammation and minimize any tissue damage to our horse’s legs.   This could be applied to new injuries, an injury that is healing, or as preventive maintenance for a hard worker.   The methods for applying it range from simple to high tech, the simplest being cold hosing – running a stream of cold water directly over the area for 15 to 30 minutes.

C cold hose
Supermodel “Carma”


A large bucket filled with ice or ice water is also an easy way to apply ice and in our humble opinion the most effective way to ice your horse’s feet.  This comes in handy if you have a horse with coffin bone or sole sensitivities.   It may take some time to get your horse used to standing in a bucket of ice but most of them seem to get used to it after a few times.

Supermodel and ice bucket professional “Victor McDreamy”


Cold packs can also work, these would be secured to the leg with a polo wrap or stable bandage.  These are handy as they can be put back in the freezer for reuse (disclaimer:  don’t be a fool like me and think your horse is mature enough to go back into his paddock and not rip said wraps and ice packs off his legs and make a giant mess of blue goo) *eye-roll*

C ice wrap
Supermodel “Carma” wearing Equifit wraps


Alternatively (and a bit more expensive) there are ice boots or ice wraps that have pockets you can put ice into, or come with the ice packs already sewn in.

Supermodel “Aloha V” wearing Finn Tack ice boots


The timing for these applications is about 20 minutes at a time, you will not have any better results if you leave the ice on all day and in fact this can cause further damage to the tissues.  For icing a specific area more intensely you can take an ice cube and apply it directly to the area, moving in a circular motion.  Since this is the most intense form of cold therapy it is recommended to only do this for about 9 minutes.

As with anything you will have to experiment and see what works best for you and your unicorn but hopefully this can help you get started in the right direction!

Word to your mother,


Deep thoughts from the drive home

Sometimes progress shows its self in the form of a red (or blue for our American friends) ribbon, but sometimes progress is just completing the course without parting ways, or a clean lead change or not spooking at the people on the outside of the ring. When it’s not a winning round it’s hard to look back on the day and not focus on the negative, the I didn’t lunge for long enough, or I wish there wasn’t small children screaming on the rail.   Your brain inherently goes to the negative and we have to be able to turn that around and recognize the positives (no matter how small).

A while ago COTH ran an article about the different equine personalities here and our MG herd is made up of a few different ones but I am especially lucky to own a “Neurotic”; you know,  the one that you’re sure is hearing voices and will take any excuse to go on a hunger strike.


“I see dead people”


Flash back to the last show where said unicorn and I parted ways unexpectedly and he did a victory gallop which earned him the title of “fastest horse on the show grounds” (#winning!) well, we were off to try to do it (not exactly that…..) again this weekend and after it was all said and done instead of beating myself up that I was not the Champion of the Universe I took an inventory of the things that did go right:

  • There were no unscheduled dismounts
  • There were no rodeo demonstrations
  • We did not spook and run blindly away from the people on the bleachers, the photographer, our coach, the other horses
  • We made it around all the courses
  • Our coach was happy with us

My rounds weren’t beautiful, and I did not get any ribbons but what I did get was PROGRESS. So many little things that have been stumbling blocks were not, and I can honestly say that each round was better than the last one and at the end of the day that’s all I can really ask for.  Progress. I know if I keep working at it and accepting the small steps in the right direction that the results I’m after will come.

I am not a slave to the story line in my head that says the only form of success is a win.

So, if you had a weekend like I did, please, be kind to yourself and try to reflect on what did go right for you, no matter how small it may seem.



Horse Show Recap – Season Opener

The second edition of the Mane Girls horse show recap is brought to you by unplanned dismounts, colic scares and new pants.

This last weekend was our first “real” show of the season, that’s right braiding, jackets, all of it…. you could feel the excitement bubbling over within all of us.

We started the festivities with the ever popular “warm-up day”, and if you have ever experienced this you know it should actually be called “everyone get into the ring at the same time and try to string some jumps together with out crashing”.

First up were the hunter babies Fire & Cowboy; everything was going well until Cowboy decided he needed to do a solo tour of the showgrounds at a full gallop.  This sent not only Ranchero and our forever patient faithful coach out for a jog to track him down, but we also had the show manager and many innocent bystanders on the hunt also.   He was found eventually unscathed, happy eating grass with all his tack and shoes in exactly where they should be!  And as the old saying goes…….



Next up was Aloha, the baby of the group who was making his horseshow debut this weekend, and like the unicorn that he is, completed his warm up without a hitch.  Thank goodness because Ranchero may have just spent the rest of the weekend in the bar had it not!

Carma also came out later in the day with H and was her usual perfect self.

Friday came and went, the 3 that were showing came out and did their respective things well.   Fire did decide that an open in gate was in invitation to just leave the ring as she went by, but I think she heard there was going to be pizza & cider later and was getting a head start!

im out


Fast forward to Saturday morning and Fire was not well, I think we all sat bolt upright in bed when we received the text “Fire is colicing”.   We are like a small gang and when one of us is down it’s an all “hands on deck” situation.  Fortunately, with some of the “good stuff” on board Fire came around quickly and hasn’t shown any more signs of distress.   Unfortunately they were a scratch from the show, so we were down to 2!      Carma came out with her game face on and won one of her classes (YAY!!)




Sunday came around, with everyone yawning and ordering Venti Starbucks coffees with an extra shot to try to pry their eyes open.  It was all up to Carma and Aloha to keep this circus on track and back to the station in one piece (which they of course did)

All in all, we had an amazing weekend supporting each other, laughing and eating entire pizzas to ourselves.  We learned some important lessons; some riding related but also things like if you let your phone autocorrect to “duck” enough times it will no longer let you swear at all, and that most of the time new pants (or a new hunt coat – oops!) is the answer.


Looking forward to our next adventure…….



Dealing with Disappointment


the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations.

Defining disappointment is easy. Getting over it is a little harder. This feeling is something that we all have dealt with when it comes to horses, and it will surely come up again in the future. For me, it all started on the first day of the first horse show. Fire hasn’t been the easiest horse, and the fact that we got to the show and made it to the ring is a victory in itself. But I would be lying if I didn’t admit I wanted more.

After a couple of successful low rounds, (even if the first one involved her singing her way around the course,) I was feeling relaxed and excited for our first baby green class. As I was cantering around the end of the ring with a smile on my face, Fire exited stage left out the open gate so quickly it made my head spin. Of course, we got eliminated for that. I laughed, learned my next course, and went in and put in our final round of the day.

It sucked getting eliminated. But if that was the worst thing Fire did all day, (it was) then the day was a huge success. So, again another opportunity to feel something and then let it go. Like Elsa does in that Frozen movie, although I admit I haven’t actually watched it yet. But there’s always tomorrow, right?


Fast forward to the next day and Fire was extra squirmy to braid. I chalked it up to her being a little out of patience. And when she was making the flehmen response, (curling her upper lip up,) I thought it was because of the new lavender scented braiding gel I was using, not recognizing that that behavior, while usually used to test scents in the air, can also indicate pain or be a sign of colic. I feel terrible I didn’t catch on, but hindsight is always 20/20, and on less than 3 hours of sleep I don’t tend to be the sharpest tool in the shed.

As soon as I put Fire in her stall, I knew something was wrong. She walked right past her hay and starting pawing in her paddock. Went down, rolled, got up, pawed, went down, rolled, etc. Any horse person knows this is not a good sign. As someone who goes from 0-60 in about 3 seconds flat, I told myself to take a breath and calm the F down. So I took a breath and called my vet.

After walking, grazing, and some of the “good drugs” from the vet Fire seems to be doing just fine under my watchful/neurotic eye. So we were a scratch for the day, but she’s ok. And that is all that matters right? There will be plenty more horse shows, but I only have one horse, and her health and happiness are paramount. But there is this small amount of disappointment in me that I didn’t get to go out there and show again today. I’m not sure what to do with it other than remind myself what is important and let go of what is not.

Horse Show Hangover

Ahhhhh Monday…….. a day off……. Or is it?  If you also had the pleasure of being at a horse show this past weekend you know what I mean.   Our beloved 4 legged friends get a hard earned day off, but the rest of us are back to the reality of our Monday – Friday jobs, the mountain of laundry at home waiting to be done and time to reflect the past weekend’s events.

While Apes was away in Ontario working her butt off at the Can-Am All Breeds Equine Expo, 3 of the 4 members of the Mane Girls herd were headed out for their first outings of the season, and for one, his first outing ever!  Yes you read that right, first outing ever. If sitting on a 3 year old baby horse at a new place for the first time doesn’t make you want to take up a slower sport like lawn bowling I’m not sure what will.

It seems like just yesterday it was January and we were making our plans for show season and suddenly it was the first weekend of April and we were off like a herd of turtles with our stomachs in our throats to the local show on Friday afternoon for schooling (or flying kites around a new property).   We washed, rinsed and repeated for Saturday and Sunday in our respective divisions,  our days being filled with grooming, shipping, tacking, riding, videoing,  bathing, icing & wrapping.  Evenings consisting of drinks (celebratory of course), food, laughs and Snapchats about what to wear the next day.

(When in doubt, the answer is always beige!)

With 3 horses between 2 Mane Girls showing it was the “it takes a village” attitude that we live  by that got us through unscathed (and with a couple ribbons!)


Anyone that has had the pleasure of working with young horses know how true the above statement is, but we also know how rewarding it can be.   We had much success with our motley crew of unicorns and can’t wait for the next show, and for the 4th member to make her 2018 debut!


Ooo… we started a blog!

We’re just going to start. No opening act.

You know us. You are us.

We’re a group of three smart, funny, irreverent, resourceful, self-starting, and busy adult amateur (well, technically two) equestrians. We all have day jobs, and all are dedicated to the pursuit of our sport of choice.

This adventure all started when we came together over the shared congratulations and commiserations of bringing along young prospects, and this friendship has since turned into something more…

Welcome to ManeGirls!