(Happy) new year, new (stronger) me.

Hi friends! Welcome to the new DECADE. Twenty-twenty. All three of us have experienced important and transformative life changes through the past year, and I think we’re all ready to ring in this new era excited for the best things in our lives to become even better. In my little world, I want to make…

Clinic Recap – Alex Grayton

A couple weekends ago, Riki & Heather had the opportunity to ride in a clinic with Alex Grayton. Alex is a successful trainer hailing from Calgary AB, who has learned from some of the absolute legends of this sport, and has honed a thoughtful, structured training method based in fundamentals as a result. We were both very excited to participate in the clinic! Read below to see what we thought of the clinic.

Alternative Training

So, the other day Apes suggested a podcast, and now I’m obsessed. I keep hearing little snippets that make me happy, or validated, or encouraged, etc. One thing I just heard is that “I believe for every situation there is an alternative.” In my ever reflective mind, I got to thinking about something I heard last night.


Hey babes. Is it just me, or is it winter all of a sudden? Now, we all know that simply being able to spend part of our lives with horses means we’re extraordinarily privileged, but nonetheless some of us are luckier than others. Of course, by this I mean some of us lucky ducks get…

Deep thoughts from the drive home

If you had a weekend like I did, please, be kind to yourself and try to reflect on what did go right for you, no matter how small it may seem.