I Just… I’m Sorry…

I write a lot of emails at work. Like… a lot. And lately, I find myself always writing the following: “I just wanted to….” and I am starting to delete that four-letter-word. I am not “just”. I am important, my time is important, and I need to stop apologizing for taking up space. Can anyone…

Family Matters

Everyone’s family looks a little different. Mine happens to consist mostly of four-legged animals, or as I like to call them, my kids. For the longest time, I thought I would get married, have 2.5 kids and live happily ever. I also thought I would have my own Equestrian Centre and have gone to the Olympics by the time I was twenty-five. As of today, I’m 1 out of 5, so it’s obvious that sometimes things don’t work out quite the way you think they might.

Welcome to Hell…

…or as we call it, NO STIRRUPS NOVEMBER. *queue dramatic music* We all hear about NSN, but it really should be thought of as more than just a fun hashtag.
Read more to find out how we’re working on our stirrup game this winter!

On Sundays We Wear White

For someone who has been riding for thirty years and competing on and off for most of those years, you might be surprised to know that I had yet to compete in the jumper ring in white breeches.

MG Community: Work, Eat, Ride, Repeat

Welcome to MG Community! We’re so excited to be able to openly share our thoughts and feelings with you all, and we’d love to hear about what matters to you. We can do this!!!