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a.k.a Apes

April spends her days at the office of Horse Community Journals Inc., publisher of the national equestrian magazine – Canadian Horse Journal, and also teaches riding lessons on a freelance basis to help pay for her horse and slight shopping addiction. She’s passionate about sharing the love of the sport with people in a positive and safe environment.
April lives at the barn. No, like literally lives at the barn with her doggos Kudos & Tink, and her horse Fire. Her goals include buying a nice hunter shadbelly and getting to the point where she could ride around the derby ring and not embarrass herself.
April will always believe in the existence of unicorns, mermaids, and that with good friends, good horses, and good clothes anything is possible.

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a.k.a. Ranchero

Howdy peeps! I’m Ranchero and I spend my days between the barn and my home office. I own one half of the ManeGirls’ herd, Cowboy X and Aloha V (or the reign of terror as I like to call them) and if you’re wondering if two young horses is a good idea… …I’ll get back to you on that.
I like to think I’m self-employed, but my boss is actually an English Bulldog named Charlie, and I live with my ever-patient husband Ben, and our new baby Sean.
I’m passionate about health, fitness, French fries, and coffee, and hope to jump in the “big ring” one day.
I’m thrilled to be part of this adventure we are embarking on and to meet all the other lovelies out there sharing our common goals.

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a.k.a. H-love, or HL

Hi! I’m Heather. I work in the finance industry, which basically means I spend my days worrying about money – everyone’s, not just my own. My favourite pastimes are online window-shopping, cleaning my tack with a toothbrush, Instagram (like, all of it), polishing my bit collection, and optimizing the quality per dollar ratio on a bottle of red. I’m a faux-blonde with expensive taste and love a good tracking number. The other day, the mailman that services my office building saw me in the elevator and said “oh, you’re Heather.” I was proud, my bank account was not.
I live with my partner in crime, Gareth, who tolerates my incessant chatting about saddles and justifications for buying that new bit. My horse, Carma, turned five in 2018, and she’s pretty legit. I am the owner of the most sensitive (but earnest) little dog ever, Murphy, and a cat, Fizzgig, who the French would describe as “prodigieusement paresseuse.” Oh, and I speak French.
I am so excited to chronicle the life and times of the ManeGirls, because this group is about everything that I hold dear: horses, friendship, girl power, and proper happiness.

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