Gettin’ Busy

This crazy life has been especially crazy this year. We ManeGirls have been conspicuously absent. We have had so many changes and challenges, and we know that our troubles pale in comparison to many others. We wanted to be more available to our followers… we wanted to be working to grow our community… but it turns out, as is the case for so many, we’ve been victims of our own busy schedules.

The reasons why we came together at the start are even more important now. Connection to our community, our shared love of horses, and an open discussion about our struggles is even more important to us these days.

We would love to hear from our followers who have stuck with us. What would you like to hear from us? Do you want to know more about our favourite things? Do you want to know about our horses? About our lives? What about interviews with all the fabulous people we know and admire? We once discussed launching a Podcast. Would you listen?

Please, please give us any feedback, positive or negative!

The holidays are fast approaching… after a tough year, we wish you a very merry everything and a truly happy always!

Xox Heather, Riki, & April

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