Twelve Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my Mane Girls gave to me… Horse Hollow Cards!

These super cute and festive cards make it even more fun to send out your holiday wishes. They also have cards for every occasion, so head on over and check them out!

On the second day of Christmas my Mane Girls gave to me… Spooks Breeches!

You babes may have noticed that on Wednesdays We Wear Pink! A staple in our collective pink wardrobes are the Spooks Ricarda breeches. These feature a sequin detail on the pockets, both front and back. They come in your conventional colours, but personally we prefer HOT pink. Spooks have a great way of fitting different body types, so we recommend them for all our lovely babes. 

On the third day of Christmas my Mane Girls gave to me… EquiCrown® Fit Compression Wraps

As someone who is obsessed with the health and overall appearance of my horse’s legs, I would never be without my EquiCrown® Compression Wraps. These wraps activate and support the lymphatic system, promoting drainage of any fluid and leading to a thinner and healthier leg. Having used the Fits over the last few years in replacement of traditional stable bandages, I have found them to be a very useful tool in my tack box. When Fire started to develop windpuffs in her hind legs, the puffiness was quickly resolved with regular use of the wraps and I continue to use them as needed or at horse shows. They also have the EquiCrown™ Active that can replace a polo wrap for riding and or lunging. To find out more, or grab your very own set visit:

On the fourth day of Christmas my Mane Girls gave to me… a Tucker Tweed Wellington Wristlet!

These are legit, with 6 card pockets, bill pocket, private zipper pocket and room for that big iPhone plus. The wrist strap is removable and *bonus* these now come with an optional cross body strap (who doesn’t love a good cross body bag? Hands free for more shopping obv) so you can style this 3 fab ways. Available in 8 colours you can be sure to find the one that suits you best (just like horses!). 

On the fifth day of Christmas my Mane Girls gave to me… Dreamers & Schemers Socks!

So, you always need socks. We’ve tried so, so many fine varieties, but none are as special (or as FUN!) as Dreamers & Schemers! D&S offers amazing customer service, the cutest, cleverest, and must interesting patterns, which are constantly being reinvented! The sock foot is amazingly comfortable, and they are a great thickness on the leg – both durable and not too bulky. Seriously, we all recently have acquired a lot more D&S socks, and hardly wear anything but them. Do yourself a favour and pick up some of these fun socks, and we are sure you won’t be disappointed! You can buy on the D&S website, but they’re also available at most tack stores. D&S does a lot to support the equestrian community – always sponsoring and donating prizes. They deserve your business! Go get ’em!

On the sixth day of Christmas my Mane Girls gave to me… Wish Equestrian Joints Tee

All of us Mane Girls have a Wish Equestrian Tee, (or two) in our closets. And the most recent one on my wish list combines one of my favourite, (v. dirty) songs, with the fact that I, as an Equestrian, crack like an old, creaky house. Super soft and form-fitting these tees look as good as they feel. With plenty of clever ones to choose from, they can be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe who is just trying to get by in the horse-eat-human world.

On the seventh day of Christmas my Mane Girls gave to me… an Acavallo Gel Pad!

This lightweight gel pad may be used directly on the horse’s back and is suitable for any type of saddle. It is breathable, non-slip, antibacterial, and non-toxic. The non-slip is key as it means that the pad does not move on the horse’s back, and the saddle, once positioned, does not move on the pad aka, no bunching up under the saddle – the worst!

Check out for this and their other great products.  

On the eighth day of Christmas my Mane Girls gave to me… Bomber Bits!

We’ve tried many different bits, in fact HL collects them and is basically willing to buy any bit for any reason. While we all have tried different bits, we’ve generally found quite good success with these Bomber bits. “Bomber Blue” is the signature mouthpiece offered by Bomber, however they have many other options. Ranchero found good luck with the “happy tongue” variety, while HL loves her Fulmer control plate for Carma. The horses seem to love the blue coating that is available on the metal bits. We purchased ours from Pegase Equestrian. They will do a consultation for you, are reasonably priced, offer a 10 day return policy, and will create absolutely any custom bit you want!

On the ninth day of Christmas my Mane Girls gave to me… 
Ariat Alora Boots!

These have been saved on Apes insta since she first saw the post on her feed ages ago. The boots combine style and technology for all-day comfort. The tassel details and braiding adds a little extra fashion forward touch to whatever adventures you decide to take these boots on, (maybe don’t wear them in the barn though OK?).

On the tenth day of Christmas my Mane Girls gave to me… 

This pretty *pink* lunge aids are great for lunging when you would like to have some productive work done and not just a wild free-for-all of body parts flying around you. Made of thick soft rope, it encourages the horse to work without restriction. HL and Ranchero both own one of these and find it incredibly handy to have on hand. And being pink is just an amazing added bonus! 

On the eleventh day of Christmas my Mane Girls gave to me… an Equifit Belly Band!

We’ve seen a lot of pictures lately where clipped horses have patches left on their sides due to the FEI blood rule. Despite changes to this rule and plenty of controversy, we always feel SO badly when we knick our horse with a spur, or create a rub! Especially since it’s winter and clipping season (see our last shopping post for our clipper recommendations!), it becomes easier for rubs to happen. In this case, we’ve all turned to the Equifit Belly Band. It is easy to use, and saves your precious baby from any rubs. So listen to your trainer, and ADD LEG (without worrying about making a rub!).

On the twelfth day of Christmas my Mane Girls gave to me… 

OK so given that it’s the last of twelve days of Mane Girls Christmas I, (Apes) wanted to do something a little different. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love to shop as much as the next, but there is something more important than stuff that I wanted to take a moment to recognize today before the Christmas madness truly ensues. And that something is friendship. There is no piece of tack, or item of clothing that could compete with a good friend and I am eternally grateful for these ladies and all the others in my life. So pat your ponies, hug your friends, and have the best Christmas yet ladies!

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