Hey babes. Is it just me, or is it winter all of a sudden? Now, we all know that simply being able to spend part of our lives with horses means we’re extraordinarily privileged, but nonetheless some of us are luckier than others. Of course, by this I mean some of us lucky ducks get to go to warm and sunny places to compete on a winter circuit, while others of us shiver back home, while washing mud off pony legs!

While I’m digging out my winter jackets, I’m finding myself excited about what the winter brings (and no, I’m not one of the lucky ones headed down to Thermal!). So what does winter look like? Well, we’ve all had to clip our horses already, and we’re making plans for clinics, possibly some schooling shows, flatwork, our own physical fitness, and most of all: practice, practice, practice.

On the docket for a couple of us: we’re having a flatwork clinic November 22 with Henk Glijn, and a jumping clinic on December 1 & 2 with Alex Grayton.

Over the next few months, we’re going to discuss our off-season training, grooming, and team building! We want to hear from you, MG Community! How do you winter?

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