Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping. (E. 8)

Winter is coming! (insert Game of Thrones meme here)

Babes, check out our haves and wants for October! If you have any questions, or anything you think we’re missing (that we need!), please let us know. Click here to contact us!


Clipping season is upon us! All three of us have these clippers. Apes currently clips professionally, and HL has done so in the past. Ranchero recently acquired her Lister’s and loves them. They’re the best because they’re quiet and they’re light. If you’ve ever done a lot of clipping you’ll know that the worst thing is the wrist pain after working at funny angles for hours! If you’re considering the purchase of new clippers, we can’t recommend these more! Available at Greenhawk, $399.

Okay this was a bit of an impulse buy, but after seeing this parka in Nordstrom, HL just had to have it. While it was a bit tough to find the *exact* one she was looking for, she managed to get it online from Dick’s Sporting Goods, about $200USD. The best thing about this parka is it’s fitted waist, which is so often missing from these long coats. This is going to be a wonderful wardrobe addition for this winter!

HL recently picked up one of these pads, after trying to deal with some saddle fit issues for Carma. This half pad is shimmable which helps to perfect saddle fit, which is especially important for these young horses to ensure their saddles are comfortable, and their back muscles develop correctly. Available with cotton rolls, or without, or full sheepskin (best for older horses, or ones with low backs). Make sure to check with your saddle fitter to make sure you have the correct fit. Pictured here with cotton rolls, costs about $250. You can get this from many different tack stores, we’d recommend our local Victoria Saddlery (, or our friend Katrina from Highland Saddles. She fit Carma’s saddle and we’re both happy!

As we mentioned, Apes clips professionally. She also braids professionally. She swears by this back brace in both cases. A life saver for perching from a stool, or crouching to clip legs and bellies! Check with your local BOT retailer to get one, or you can even find them on Amazon!


In case you didn’t know, consignment is our JAM! Ranchero has seen this one available with the Tack Addict. It is a super bargain and it looks amazing! NEED IT!







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