Horse Shaming/Loving

When I read the No Shame in Our Game: Horse Loving Signs post from The Plaid Horse a while back, I was inspired. When I read the final one with the sign in front of a beautiful bay horse saying, “I carried my Mom when she was too sad to go alone <3” I may have shed a tear. OK, I may have ugly cried just a little. That one hit me right in the feels and then some.

A while back Horse Shaming was a thing, dog shaming too! And while it’s hilarious and I’m sure I could make an endless amount of signs for my mare. In a world where there is so much negativity going around, it’s nice to focus on the positive for once.

I have openly documented the trials and triumphs over the last two years of bringing along a young horse, but it got me wondering am I focusing too much on the negative? Not just online but in my head too. Fire has been tough sure, but equally as rewarding. You attract what you put out there, so I am making a conscious decision to be aware of what I am putting out there and to try and guide it only towards positivity.

It also got me to thinking of what my positive sign would be for my horse. That wasn’t so easy. There are so many I could make… both for Horse Shaming and Horse Loving. But here is the one I came up with taking a page from Lauren Mauldin.

Positive Pants.jpg

Not pictured with my horse because apparently, she is scared of paper and ain’t nobody got time for that.

No matter how bad a day I am having, or how much I am struggling. I know my horse is always waiting for me with a kiss and a cuddle. She doesn’t hold a grudge, even if I have a terrible ride, or forget to bring cookies. For a horse that is as ever-changing as mercury, she is also solid as a rock when it comes to time spent in her stall and the love she so freely doles out. That in itself is worth more than any ribbons or championships out there.

❤ Apes

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