Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping (E. 7)

Ah, September. I think it’s that “back-to-school” vibe that always leaves us feeling like it’s a new year, and time to turn over a new leaf. We’ve tried to be more conservative in our spending, but that always leaves us wanting more.

As part of our fresh start, we’re taking on new ventures! We have our website updated now to allow for you to shop our closets, for when we simply can’t cram anything in there anymore! We are just a group of friends trying to make room and live our dreams, so feel free to visit our website and contact us if you like something, but want to make an offer, or if you have questions on sizing, fit, colour, etc. We don’t bite, and we really do want to hear from you.

Here’s a list of things that we just can’t live without for the month of September.


SEPT CELERIS 2Oh. Baby. HL ordered these back in July, and could barely contain her excitement to share this with you all! She decided to wait and make sure they fit, but now that they’re here OMFG THEY’RE BRILLIANT! To be fair, they haven’t been ridden in yet, but they are just as described, and best of all is the fit. Celeris are a FULL CUSTOM boot. Heather ordered hers from a shop in Australia (very International in our shopping efforts!), and had to measure herself (with the help of a very understanding boyfriend). She felt confident as she had self-measured before for a different brand of boots, and these measurements were even more specific. 12 different measurements were taken, along with a drawn outline of each foot, to be sent along with the measurements. After doing measurements was the grueling task of determining exactly which details to choose (you can literally have whatever you want!), HL chose a conservative pair of boots, with a bit of faux-iguana for flare. They are beautiful, and exactly as described. Give them a try, or feel free to email us ( to ask Heather about her experience! Prices vary on these – again, ask Heather if you have questions.


IMG_9296_2048x2048  So, it’s not summer anymore, and that makes us sad.  But, a fun new cozy scarf makes us happy again.   These beauties were purchased from a local merchant (shop local babes!) Pony and Pear, and are to die for.  Super soft and cozy, and perfect to wear either to the barn or out on the town.






image1Oops I did it again! Technically Apes isn’t supposed to be shopping right now but when she saw Pony Up had Tailored Sportsman belts on sale it was impossible to resist. Someone once said a good sale was like finding money so it had to be done. These belts are beautifully made, come in a variety of colours and are wider than most belts so look super stylish. Apes opted for the Grey Garden one and it paired beautifully with her TS Clarets and will go with so many other colours too!



SEPT ASMAR 1This jacket is all that and everything. Out here on the SEPT ASMAR 2west coast, our winter weather is best described as “chilly and wet.” If chilly and wet is the question, the Asmar All Weather is the answer. This jacket can zip open at the back so you can wear it while riding, though we feel this is more of an “around the barn” jacket. As we all know, most of the time spent “at the barn” isn’t really on a horse, so this is a great solution to keep yourself warm and dry. We especially love the length because when you’re wearing breeches it’s so tough to keep your thighs and toosh warm! We’re all counting pennies so we can snag one of these puppies. $348 USD


Tiffy_du_Vogel_Jacket_Dark_Blue_1801-0528-0067_01Winter is coming (or so they say) and it is not cool to be freezing your butt off.  Enter the Naketano Tiffy Du Vogel bomber jacket.  Made of a light canvas this coat is not too bulky for riding but will also keep you warm and dry while you watch your fellow manebabes from the sidelines.   You need to hurry though because these are going offline 12/31/18.   Christmas presents anyone?








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