Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping (E. 6)

August was a big month for us! We made it through Thunderbird, and we may have snagged a few things at the vendors row. We love being able to support small businesses, and this was a fabulous way to do it. Not only did we get some great finds, but we had a ton of fun doing it! Here’s your guide to things that we know you need this month.

Shop Local
from our friends at


AUG One K Helmet

Ooooooh la la, how pretty is this helmet?   Ranchero spied this beauty on The Carrington Shoppe’s Instagram on her way to Thunderbird and decided this was a must have.   Picture this with a navy hunt coat and navy wool in a really cute chestnut’s mane, ahhhhhmazing right?

These ONE K Defender Avance Wide Brim helmets are super comfortable and fit true to size.  I am a 6 7/8 and as per their size chart would fit a medium shell, with the 6 7/8 liner, which when I tried it on was perfect.  If you aren’t as daring, these are also available in matte black plain, and with rose gold, and the price point as far as helmets go is very reasonable.



Another rad purch from The Carrington Shoppe (while looking at the aforementioned helmet) were these “equestrian” shirts from The Blissful Equestrian.  Ranchero bought the t-shirt in pink (obvs) while H-Love opted for the tank top in charcoal. There were also many other super cute shirts from The Blissful Equestrian that we wanted but, it turns out money doesn’t grow in trees (who knew?) so we had to settle on just one. This time. Stay tuned to see this in an up coming #ROOTD post on our Instagram!



While I, (Apes) was supposed to be part of the “No Buyers Club” at tbird I am a total AUG Equiline Breeches 2sucker for a good deal. On the first day a fellow Coastal team member spotted the Equiline breeches on the sale rack at Dog & Pony and when she opted not to buy them it planted a seed in my brain that just wouldn’t go away… they were my size and I always feel like I need more beige breeches for show season. Being a master at justifying any purchase I figured since I was doing fewer classes than I planned I could certainly afford to buy new pants RIGHT?! It was all over when I tried them on, even in the heat and being a sweaty mess after showing and sweating it out in the barn all day, they were super comfortable and very flattering. With navy details and pockets in the back they were sold the moment I looked at my butt in the mirror. Equiline is an Italian brand that’s been around as long as I have (since the early 80’s) and have a great line of men’s and women’s technical riding wear. You can see more of their goodies at:


AUG Veredus Boots

Confession: these have been low key on the list for a long time. I (H-love, hello!) have been oogling them for a while… and finally they are a reality. I have a set of well-loved Veredus boots for schooling at home, and honestly, the fit is amazing. The contour on the leg is amazing. For now, I only bought the front boots because I wanted to use these for Carma’s young horse class, and we have to follow FEI booting rules for the hind boots, for which the hind boots in this set would not qualify. However, I watched the video from our round that day and they sure do look sharp! These boots are especially good if you have a horse with sensitive skin, or with allergies as the sheepskin is non-allergenic. Purchased from Calgary Saddlery, a fun new kid on the block that has amazing consignment offerings in addition to new product lines!


HL already has a set of FH breeches, and was so pleased with them she got another pair, this time: the “Remie.” HL picked up these babies in white, and our coach also grabbed a set in beige. Honestly, these are the lightest weight breeches ever. It always seems like you’re wearing whites during shows in the heat of the summer and there’s nothing worse than sweating you’re a$$ off through your old pair of cotton Tailored’s. White is always so unforgiving, and these are actually lovely. Many people don’t like to blow a lot of money on whites since they only get worn maybe 8 times per year, but we’d argue having a nice quality pair means you won’t have to re-buy for a long time. The other beautiful thing about this pair is that they have very few stylistic elements, save for a cute little button on the leg. This means that they are very likely to become outmoded in a hurry, which is another motivating factor in buying these classic looking breeches. If you don’t need whites, the beige colour is beautiful sandy beige, and they also make them in a bunch of other nice, conservative colours (as is the way with FH!). HL picked these up at Equi-Products, which has been her shop of choice since she was 6 years old! Check them out – they have all the best of everything, they’re amazing to deal with, and they have a RAD loyalty program.

AUG FH Remie FrontAUG FH Remie Back


Thanks for reading! As always, shop wisely!





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