Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping. (E. 3)

Another day, another dollar. We’re here to turn your dollars into happiness, because whoever said money doesn’t buy you happiness obviously wasn’t a horse girl!


Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 7.17.01 PM

Holy. Friggin. Moly. You babes need to pick this puppy up! Ranchero recently received hers in the beautiful floral snakeskin with antique gold buckle (from 17 Hands), and H-Love picked hers up from the Tried Equestrian with snakeskin and a gunmetal buckle. These are just stupid beautiful, and in no way bulky or heavy. These belts are very wide and are super flattering, but are likely to be too big for some of your breeches with smaller belt loops. They make a 1.5″ version, but honestly we would take the 2″ every time. The beauty is real.



Apes took part in a recent Bit Fitting Clinic with Florence Wetzel, from Ocala FL who is a Neue Schule Certified Bit Fitter. Of course her horse Fire liked one of the most expensive bits, but it was worth every penny for the difference it made in the ride. With a trot that was guaranteed to win the hack class and control without a fight before and after the fences, we’d highly recommend you take a look. If you have questions about this bit and why it worked for Fire, please email us and Apes will tell you all about Fire’s type and why this worked for her. If you’d like to speak with Florence herself, we can give you that contact info. Click here to contact us.



Sometimes you just need to let your t-shirt do the talking for you and Phyllis Stein has got you covered for every day of the week and every mood of the day. Cheeky, clever, and sometimes a little crass – there are too many great ones to choose from, including some vintage ones that all of the Mane Girls treasure in their respective closets. Apes is currently checking the mail daily for the one that reassures her fears that that jump isn’t really THAT big.



As you all know, we three share one main thing: we have young horses. As per FEI regulation, our young horses are only allowed to wear certain hind boots for jumping in young horse sanctioned competition. These Kentucky Horsewear boots tick the boxes for us because they have no elastic, velcro closure, and the sheepskin is helpful for our sensitive baby legs. Make sure if you’re competing in young horse classes that you are up to date on the rules and you come prepared with suitable leg-wear. Nothing worse (or more embarrassing) than being singled out by the steward. #noob



H-Love was lamenting the need for new whites, and these are absolutely the answer. They are beautiful, fashionable, amazing material, and they feature our signature colour! A pale pink logo, and the racket grip on the knee features pink accents. These were made for the Mane Girls! Like most of our favourite breeches, they’re a little tough to track down, but where there’s a will, there’s a way!




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