Deep thoughts from the drive home

Sometimes progress shows its self in the form of a red (or blue for our American friends) ribbon, but sometimes progress is just completing the course without parting ways, or a clean lead change or not spooking at the people on the outside of the ring. When it’s not a winning round it’s hard to look back on the day and not focus on the negative, the I didn’t lunge for long enough, or I wish there wasn’t small children screaming on the rail.   Your brain inherently goes to the negative and we have to be able to turn that around and recognize the positives (no matter how small).

A while ago COTH ran an article about the different equine personalities here and our MG herd is made up of a few different ones but I am especially lucky to own a “Neurotic”; you know,  the one that you’re sure is hearing voices and will take any excuse to go on a hunger strike.


“I see dead people”


Flash back to the last show where said unicorn and I parted ways unexpectedly and he did a victory gallop which earned him the title of “fastest horse on the show grounds” (#winning!) well, we were off to try to do it (not exactly that…..) again this weekend and after it was all said and done instead of beating myself up that I was not the Champion of the Universe I took an inventory of the things that did go right:

  • There were no unscheduled dismounts
  • There were no rodeo demonstrations
  • We did not spook and run blindly away from the people on the bleachers, the photographer, our coach, the other horses
  • We made it around all the courses
  • Our coach was happy with us

My rounds weren’t beautiful, and I did not get any ribbons but what I did get was PROGRESS. So many little things that have been stumbling blocks were not, and I can honestly say that each round was better than the last one and at the end of the day that’s all I can really ask for.  Progress. I know if I keep working at it and accepting the small steps in the right direction that the results I’m after will come.

I am not a slave to the story line in my head that says the only form of success is a win.

So, if you had a weekend like I did, please, be kind to yourself and try to reflect on what did go right for you, no matter how small it may seem.



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