Show season is upon us, Mane Babes! If you read Apes last blog, ALL of the Feelings, you’ll know that us horse people are all about worry and fuss, and you’ll also know (because you’re one of us) that the worst thing that happens at the show is when you reach into your trunk and…

“OMG. I forgot my (insert name of crucial piece of equipment here)!!!”

There are a lot of different show packing lists out there, and I’ve tried to use some of them in the past. Generally what I find is that it’s always missing something that is specific to my horse, or it’s overly specific and there are a bunch of things I don’t need. To clarify, if you’re at a local show, you likely aren’t going to have to be so stressed about your packing, so this is more geared towards going away… but I always like to take everything… including the tack room sink. As I like to say “a full tack trunk means no room for error!” (Disclaimer: Actually, I just made that up now. I’ve never said it out loud.)

Below you will see a PDF link for our ManeGirls Super High-Maintenance Organizational Wizard (MG SHOW!), and we hope you will find this helpful. Please feel free to download, print, and share as you wish! We’re happy to keep this up to date as we realize we need more stuff, and if you think there’s anything we’re missing please let us know in the comments!

ManeGirls SHOW Packing List

Now, babes. Let’s be serious here for a minute: we are notoriously horrible at taking care of ourselves. In the spirit of everything MG stands for, please raise your right hand, place your left hand on the bible (Hunt Seat Equitation by GHM. Duh!), and repeat after me:

I (your name here), promise to love myself as much as I love my horse(s). While competing at this show, I vow to get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, eat nutritious meals, and I will not skip breakfast. I will wear a hat and SPF in the heat, and keep myself dry and warm on the wet days. I will polish my show boots with boot polish, not leather cream. I will dress well because I respect myself and my team, and hold my head high, because I love what I do, and I love how I do it.

Let’s get showing, ladies (and gents)! We will be featuring our horse show adventures on our Instagram story all year so that you can join us! If you’d like us to feature you, please DM us on Instagram, or send us an email.


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