Horse Show Recap – Season Opener

The second edition of the Mane Girls horse show recap is brought to you by unplanned dismounts, colic scares and new pants.

This last weekend was our first “real” show of the season, that’s right braiding, jackets, all of it…. you could feel the excitement bubbling over within all of us.

We started the festivities with the ever popular “warm-up day”, and if you have ever experienced this you know it should actually be called “everyone get into the ring at the same time and try to string some jumps together with out crashing”.

First up were the hunter babies Fire & Cowboy; everything was going well until Cowboy decided he needed to do a solo tour of the showgrounds at a full gallop.  This sent not only Ranchero and our forever patient faithful coach out for a jog to track him down, but we also had the show manager and many innocent bystanders on the hunt also.   He was found eventually unscathed, happy eating grass with all his tack and shoes in exactly where they should be!  And as the old saying goes…….



Next up was Aloha, the baby of the group who was making his horseshow debut this weekend, and like the unicorn that he is, completed his warm up without a hitch.  Thank goodness because Ranchero may have just spent the rest of the weekend in the bar had it not!

Carma also came out later in the day with H and was her usual perfect self.

Friday came and went, the 3 that were showing came out and did their respective things well.   Fire did decide that an open in gate was in invitation to just leave the ring as she went by, but I think she heard there was going to be pizza & cider later and was getting a head start!

im out


Fast forward to Saturday morning and Fire was not well, I think we all sat bolt upright in bed when we received the text “Fire is colicing”.   We are like a small gang and when one of us is down it’s an all “hands on deck” situation.  Fortunately, with some of the “good stuff” on board Fire came around quickly and hasn’t shown any more signs of distress.   Unfortunately they were a scratch from the show, so we were down to 2!      Carma came out with her game face on and won one of her classes (YAY!!)




Sunday came around, with everyone yawning and ordering Venti Starbucks coffees with an extra shot to try to pry their eyes open.  It was all up to Carma and Aloha to keep this circus on track and back to the station in one piece (which they of course did)

All in all, we had an amazing weekend supporting each other, laughing and eating entire pizzas to ourselves.  We learned some important lessons; some riding related but also things like if you let your phone autocorrect to “duck” enough times it will no longer let you swear at all, and that most of the time new pants (or a new hunt coat – oops!) is the answer.


Looking forward to our next adventure…….



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