Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping. (E.2)

Happy Pay Day Mane Babes! Here’s the best way to spend your hard earned bucks this month.


Spiced Hoodie

Ranchero & Apes both bought these. It’s love. This hoodie features an asymmetrical zipper, stacked collar, and really beautiful details. Microfibre elbow patches and pocket details, with matching leather “bow” on the back. It’s gorgeous.

Breathe. I Am A Bad Ass. Ride Every Stride. (All true, but sometimes you need a reminder. Carry these with you, and you’ll ride better. Take our word for it.)

Trinity Tack

Can we say beautiful on a budget? These bridles were $100 include braided reins (start the car!). Check our Instagram feed for a snap of Big Al sporting this beauty.



Ranchero is dying for the Sensation shirt. It’s so beautiful, and she loves the ruching at the collar, and on the sleeves. It has a beautiful open lace detail on the back to keep you cool on those hot summer days, and this lace is carried through to the collar. It’s high up on the want list and lives up to it’s name.
H-Love has had the Dame shirt in her cart for a while… the asymmetrical lace detail is nothing less than divine.
Keep this line coming, 17 Hands Equestrian KEEP IT COMING!

M&GO Overshoes

These are a stylish alternative to traditional boot covers. We’ve wanted them for a while but sometimes they’re hard to find! They’re featured here in pink (duh!), but of course they also come in black and brown and other more traditional colours. But, hey… sometimes you have to be non-traditional. (ManeGirls4Lyfe!)

MG April EOM


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