#TipTuesday v.1

Happy Tuesday to our Mane Babes!

Welcome to #TipTuesday where we tell you all about our best tips, tricks, hacks, and fixes!

For volume one, we’re going to talk about POO STAINS.

Heather previously owned a (gorgeous, athletic, delicate, powerful) unicorn named Wylie. She was glorious in every way, loved to win, and earned her nickname “Wild White.” However, one of our honorary Mane Babes once referred to her as a “Poo Dalmatian.” Well, yup!

Thankfully, after many years of joyous ownership, Heather learned some serious #protips on how to deal with this:


So you can get to that:


We all know the secrets to a clean grey horse: lots of elbow grease, and a good blue/purple shampoo. Every show morning, Wylie always went for her bath. *Important! After you bath your horse on the show grounds, you must dry them before you put them away. Wylie would stand in the cross tie, legs towel dried, with medicated foot powder on her legs and ankles. Not only is this bright white, but it will prevent the incidence of scratches (a wretched fungal infection, if you’ve never dealt with it before).

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you’ll come get your horse ready for their class to find them flat out in their own poop. Don’t panic! But, do be prepared. What you need in this case is a small bucket, rubbing alcohol, water, and a stiff brush. Mix the alcohol and water, roughly 1:7 in ratio, but this doesn’t have to be perfect. Clean the “affected area” as best you can using traditional measures (curry comb & brush), and then take your very clean, very stiff brush and dip it in your water mixture and brush the whole stain. You’ll need to apply a fair bit of pressure, and a good “flick” (similar to how you’d use a dandy brush). The area may not look perfect, but once dry, you will have a white horse to head to the ring with.

Best of luck with your greys, they’re magical!



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