Horse Show Hangover

Ahhhhh Monday…….. a day off……. Or is it?  If you also had the pleasure of being at a horse show this past weekend you know what I mean.   Our beloved 4 legged friends get a hard earned day off, but the rest of us are back to the reality of our Monday – Friday jobs, the mountain of laundry at home waiting to be done and time to reflect the past weekend’s events.

While Apes was away in Ontario working her butt off at the Can-Am All Breeds Equine Expo, 3 of the 4 members of the Mane Girls herd were headed out for their first outings of the season, and for one, his first outing ever!  Yes you read that right, first outing ever. If sitting on a 3 year old baby horse at a new place for the first time doesn’t make you want to take up a slower sport like lawn bowling I’m not sure what will.

It seems like just yesterday it was January and we were making our plans for show season and suddenly it was the first weekend of April and we were off like a herd of turtles with our stomachs in our throats to the local show on Friday afternoon for schooling (or flying kites around a new property).   We washed, rinsed and repeated for Saturday and Sunday in our respective divisions,  our days being filled with grooming, shipping, tacking, riding, videoing,  bathing, icing & wrapping.  Evenings consisting of drinks (celebratory of course), food, laughs and Snapchats about what to wear the next day.

(When in doubt, the answer is always beige!)

With 3 horses between 2 Mane Girls showing it was the “it takes a village” attitude that we live  by that got us through unscathed (and with a couple ribbons!)


Anyone that has had the pleasure of working with young horses know how true the above statement is, but we also know how rewarding it can be.   We had much success with our motley crew of unicorns and can’t wait for the next show, and for the 4th member to make her 2018 debut!


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