Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping. (E. 1)

Okay, y’all. Welcome to the first edition of what we think is #somane this month.

It’s the end of the month, you probably just got paid (we did). Every month we’re going to let you know our list of must haves and major wants to help you spend the money that we all know you’re going to spend anyways.


So, technically these are sold out, BUT you can still get them in black. (Whoever said black was the new pink was seriously disturbed.) We ordered these ASAP when they were released, and we’d definitely recommend sizing up! Super comfy, stretchy, great for everyday riding (or whatever activity you want), plus they look super cool, and we’re really looking forward to not having this argument anymore.

This came from the BC Living Editor’s Box, and we love it. (Heather uses it 3x a week!). This basically just tightens up all your shit. That’s it, and that’s enough.

Riki bought this at a local artisan’s craft fair, after seeing a really cool throw rug made by the same artist. Helen didn’t have any of the throws left, but we’ve fallen in love with this print, because we all have a heart horse. ❤

These spur straps will make you ride better (your results may vary). We love ManeJane for all their magical shit, because who doesn’t love to bring a little magic to their ride?


Okay, so we don’t actually own this one yet (#firstworldproblems). By combining two of our favourite things (wine and horses, not necessarily in that order), this clever double entendre makes the top of our wants list.


Stay tuned for episode 2, end of April! 


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