Champagne Taste… Beer Budget.

In the current world of social media and instant gratification, we are constantly bombarded with the new latest and greatest clothes and equipment for both horse and rider.  How many times have you seen something you MUST HAVE online, only to have your bank account quietly tell you that you have not yet won the lottery?

Let’s face it, horses are expensive.   So expensive that almost anyone I know that is not in the horse world is baffled by how much we are willing to spend on these four legged creatures.  And that’s just to keep Hi Ho Silver fed and in good health!    Let alone buy the fancy breeches, or a new show coat or new boots because yours just fell apart.  The majority of us work really hard to be able to participate in this sport we love so much, but how much is too much?

It has become increasing easy to casually purchase the must have item online with just a couple mouse clicks, heck I’ve even bought things from my phone while lying in bed!  But, let’s consider this, are those new pants going to make you ride better?  Probably not, no.  Yes, you will look fly af, but does Hi Ho Silver care that you have new pants on today?  No, he just wants his dinner.

How do we find balance?  How do we satisfy our need to “treat yo’self”, because we do work so damn hard, without having to eat Mr. Noodles every night?   For me, I have found that I can usually sell almost anything that I no longer have a use for on consignment for a little bit of extra dough to throw in the cookie jar.    How much stuff do you have just laying around that you haven’t even touched in ages?  Also, as it turns out, it’s not a sin to buy consignment items for yourself.  It’s common practice within the Mane Girls’ circle to buy and sell anything from show shirts to blankets to and from each other.


Ultimately, I don’t know what the answer is and I don’t know if anyone out there does, but what I do know is we are all really lucky to be in whatever position we might be in that allows us to take time out of our day to spend with our horses, and we should always be thankful for that.    And, I know that I reeeeeeeallly want a new Antares bridle 😉

Happy Shopping!


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