Positive Pants

So, I was reading this very encouraging article on the Plaid Horse yesterday about Size Inclusivity in the Equestrian World (read it here). I was so relieved by this article because I had this overwhelming sense of “oh thank goodness, I’m not the only one!” By that, I mean the only one that struggles to find the right fit in a pair of breeches. Time and again I’d order a pair of pants that ‘must’ fit (because if I’m a 30 in jeans I must be a 30 in these breeches, right?), but then I put them on and… nope! The ill-fitting-new-breeches confidence slump is the worst, but it has long led me to wonder: is it me that doesn’t fit the pants, or the pants that don’t fit me? Yesterday’s article on TPH gave me optimism, and for once I felt positive.

Today, I sat down to write in solidarity with the TPH article and further promote the message of body positivity and size inclusivity (which the Mane Girls are huge proponents of, BTW). However, as I racked my brain for colourful adjectives and recommendations for the best pants for big bums, I realized that there was so much more to this. The thing that struck me was less that I was excited to hear about companies expanding their product lines to include different shapes, and more that I was eased by the sense of community. The reason the Mane Girls exists is because three friends found themselves relating to each other, sharing experiences, living our lives the best we can, dedicating ourselves to our sport, and above all working hard to be happy! In a world motivated by envy, it is hard to find your happiness and I’ve found that finding real, like-minded people to share experiences with is the secret sauce.

To TPH, I say thank you for including this article in your blog. To Lauren Mauldin, thank you for sharing your experience. To everyone else who, like me, sit and wonder and worry, please know you’re not alone. When you have a community to lean on, it’s so much easier to fit into your Positive Pants.


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